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The 24h combines sports and enjoyment to raise funds that will help improve children's lives


Since 1990, the Charles-Bruneau Foundation’s mission is to give all children with cancer the best chances of recovery by financing research and supporting the development of projects in the area of pediatric hematology and oncology.


  • Finding a cure for the 20% of children whose cancer is resistant to treatment and;
  • Improving the quality of life of children in remission so that they can enjoy a true recovery.


Around $10 million received from the 24h since 2003.

1 cancer center, 1 research unit, and 3 pediatric hematology and oncology units in Quebec

  • Montreal, CHU Sainte-Justine
  • Montreal, Montreal Children’s Hospital
  • Sherbrooke, CIUSS de l’Estrie-CHUS
  • Quebec City, CHU de Québec-Université Laval

Over 27 years, the Fondation has invested $15 million in research and $40 million on construction, planning, and equipment for the 5 establishments.


Complete sequencing of the DNA of the human genome

This approach will allow doctors to better determine the characteristics of each tumor, to specify the diagnosis, to identify anomalies in question and deal with targeted therapies.

The sequencing paves the way for the discovery of biological markers of efficacy, genetic markers that, once detected, will give a clue as to the most effective treatment to be prescribed and the probable evolution of the disease, with a goal of improvement of the quality of life after recovery without side-effects or complications.

Nearly 200 cord blood transplants have been performed to date at the Charles-Bruneau Cancer Center at CHU Sainte-Justine.

This research program aims to improve the transplant success rate and develop a better understanding why one of five youngsters will relapse after a transplant.

Art therapy is an innovative approach to detecting children's anxieties and finding ways to ease them.

“Since 2003, Fondation Charles-Bruneau has been a proud recipient of donations from Tremblant's 24h and its participants in the fight against pediatric cancer in Quebec. Your generosity has helped give hope to thousands of children who bravely battle cancer. Knowing you are by our side in this important fight touches us greatly. Thank you for your precious support.”
- Pierre Bruneau, spokesperson for the Fondation Charles-Bruneau

Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators Foundation believes that investing in programs and initiatives that promote both physical and mental wellness in our kids is a critical priority. The Foundation invests in:

  • Social recreation
  • Education
  • Physical and mental wellness
  • Roger's House, a pediatric residential hospice


To ensure that kids are given the opportunity to be active, engaged and to feel good about themselves.


More than $3 million donated by Tremblant's 24h since 2006 to improve the lives of children and youth in eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

One in five children in Ottawa and Gatineau lives in poverty and many do not have access to after-school sports, recreational or social programs.

Since opening in 2006, Roger's House has provided more than 20,000 days of care and has had over 3,000 admissions.


Give children and youth access to free recreation and activities on SENS RINK throughout Ottawa and Gatineau.

Give more than 1,500 kids an unforgettable experience at summer camps across the region.

Give families of children with life-limiting illnesses a home-away-from-home at Roger’s House.

« The spirit, love and genuine caring that emanated from the organizers and participants was truly amazing,” said Emma Gofton, I had never been part of such a positive experience before. »
- Emma Gofton, Roger’s House parent


For more than 20 years, the Fondation Tremblant‘s mission has been to help underprivileged children in the MRC des Laurentides region to enjoy a better quality of life and reach their full potential in sports, education, the arts or cultural activities.


    Has received $2,050,791 from the 24h since 2001!

    Since its inception in 2006, Fondation Tremblant has donated more than $3,446,051 to causes devoted to helping underprivileged youth in the MRC des Laurentides.

    In 2017, $364,325 was distributed to subsidize some 40 children’s projects in the MRC des Laurentides.


    Polyvalente des Monts High School – Held swimming pool activities for disabled students

    Rotary Club - Provided 7,640 breakfasts, meals, snacks and Christmas gifts to underprivileged children.

    Moisson Laurentides – food bank

"I walk for the children and youths who go to school on an empty stomach. For those who watch as their friends head off to day camp, when they themselves can't go. For those who don't fit in at school and are ready to just give it all up. And for those who despair at being trapped in a vicious circle but don't know how to get out. Fondation Tremblant exists for them, and it is because of them that Tremblant's 24h has its real significance. Thank you to all for participating and for giving generously."
- Sylvie Caron, President, Fondation Tremblant