Frequently asked questions

I’m the captain of a team. The invitation I sent to a teammate does not show up on his profile page.

Here are three possible solutions:
  1. Make sure you sent the invitation to the same email the teammate used to create his profile. If the emails are different, resend the invitation to the correct address.
  2. If the email accounts are the same, try resending the invitation.
  3. Both emails are the same, you’ve resent the invitation but still no luck? Contact tech support at
*To retrieve the coupon code you used the first time, delete the previous sent invitation.

What is the minimum amount of donations to raise?

We ask a minimum of $ 300 per participant to empower each member of the team but we look at the total raised by the team. Thus, if a participant raises $ 4,000 alone, he covers all his teammates.

Can I still participate if I haven't been able to raise the $300 minimum donation?

In fact, the team as a whole is responsible for raising a minimum of $300 in donations per participant. If the minimum has not been raised, the team must pay the balance when they register.

What is the minimum age to participate ?

The minimum age to participate is 12 years old. Junior teams must be made up of 12 to 17 year olds and have an adult at all times with them on the course.

When and where does the 24h start?

The race starts at noon on Saturday at the Marriot roundbabout.

Is the ski event held at the same time as the walk & run?


How many kilometres does a team cover on average?

Teams do an average total of 293 km (skiing), 210 km (running) and 115 km (walking).

How is the winning team determined?

The 24h Grand Prize will be awarded to the team (across all categories) that raises the most donations.

How long is the ski run?

3,8 km.

How many participants per team can be on the course at any given time?

Only one person from the team can be on the run.

Is it possible to have a second bib for an accompanying person on the ski run?

This year, each team will be able to purchase a second bib during the on-site registration at a cost of $ 25 to be able to be 2 participants at the same time on the track. The rules specific to the use of the second bib will be communicated on site.

Can I ski on the mountain if it isn’t my turn to relay for my team?

Yes, although there are restrictions. You will be given a lift ticket for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You may access all lifts during regular opening hours for the general public and it will allow you to ski with on the official 24h course.

How long is the walk & run course?

5 kilometres.

How many participants are allowed on the course (walk & run)?

Several participants from the same team can be on the course at any given time. See the official rules for more details.

How many laps is each participant required to do?

It depends on your team schedule, but the minimum is one full lap, or 5 kilometres.

How much time does one lap take?

That depends on the individual, but a full lap is, on average, about 1 hour (walking) and 30 minutes (running).

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